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Characteristics of Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM):

FFKM consists of TFE (trifluoroethanol as the main chain), PMVE (perfluoromethyl vinyl ether as the branch) and bridge. It not only has excellent heat-resistance and great chemical resistance (having resistance to more than 1600 chemicals) as PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), but also has high elasticity of rubber, which only has 50% deformation when pressed at the temperature of 300℃. FFKM can still maintain its elasticity and resilience when emerged in or in direct contact with corrosive liquid. In fact, the thermostability of FFKM is usually much better than those liquids. FFKM also have excellent air tightness (its vacuum resistance can be up to 1.33*10 -7pa~1.33*10 -8pa), high cleanliness and ionic resistance. Such characteristics are also widely used in the semi-conductor industry. FFKM is often used in the chemical industry and in highly corrosive media and places of high temperature.

Applications of FFKM:

  • Chemical resistance: similar molecular architecture to PTFE; used in wet processing environment; applicable to corrosive chemical media; being able to resist the corrosion of all kinds of chemicals, including organic acids, inorganic acids, strong acids, ketones, lipids, alcohols, and oils.

  • Heat resistance: used for sealing in environment of high temperature; having excellent performance of anti-hardening in high temperature; also having the elasticity of rubber. Application temperature range : -20℃ ~ +290℃ (higher temperature for continuous application is 330℃). Heat resistant material that can be developed into various sealing products: O-ring, oil seal, pad; applicable to diffusion process, implantation annealing process, instant heating process, spaceflight, semi-conductor etc.

  • High cleanliness: in plasma process, elastic sealing material of high cleanliness is needed. In the process of producing FFKM, only very little or no filling and elastic vulcanizer is added, so the sealing material’s high cleanliness is guaranteed, thus highly improve the rate of good product in the processing.


    Advantages: best heat-resistance, excellent chemical resistance, low-outgassing characteristic, excellent anti-plasmas performance etc.

    Disadvantages: weak anti-low-temperature performance. High price of raw materials. Difficult to produce.

    Products of FFKM Series fully play its excellent role in harsh environments, such as the semi-conductor industry (PVC in thin film process, chemical vapor deposition, and various high-vacuum sealing processing), chemical industry, automobile industry, oil industry, pharmacy industry, electronic products, solvent equipment, nuclear industry, spaceflight equipment and other heat-resistance machines. Up to now, perfluoro products have been used for nearly 40 years by many industries.