SERVICE:Vacuum Pad、O ring、Oil Seal、Fiber Diaphragm、Packing、Sealing Component、Sealing Component、Development of rubber product for relevant waterproofing and dust-resistant applications.

PJG R&D department provides the research and development of fine rubber materials and the service of designing waterproof sealing components:

 Step 1: product design

The R&D department talks with the client about the use and function of product, and provides proper material and advice.

Step 2: Mould design

      After proper discussion and advice, the R&D department prepares the development and design of moulds.

  Step 3: rubber mixing

       According to the evironment, temperature, pressure and service life of the products, excellent rubber material will be provided.

           Step 4: product moulding

       The manufacturing department works persistently to provide the customer with good quality products and on-time delivery.

                     Step 5: research/improvement

        The client provides reseach and improvement plans according to the the environment, temperature and pressure where the product is used.

If you have questions relating to silicone rubber component development, you are welcome to call us: 886-2928-1402