VACUUM PADS-Antistatic low impression
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Automatic system uses the vacuum pad to improve transporting and moving of various industries. As long as there is suction surface, the vacuum pad can be used for different purposed in different places. For example: transporting TFT glass substrate, semi-conductor electronic parts, plastic bags, paper bags, sheet metal, stones etc. PJG CO., LTD. PJG can provide customers with a variety of types of dextro convum (PFG / PAG / PUG / PJG / PCG suction cup), Smc (ZP / ZP2 / ZP3 suction cup), Pisco (VP suction cup) vacuum pads (single-layer, double-layer, three-layer and multi-layer), and vacuum pads solutions of diversified materials (conductive, anti-electrostatic ESD, seamless, and high temperature resistant). For the vacuum pad application environment, welcome to tell us your requirements.