VACUUM PADS-Antistatic low impression
  • Vacuum Pads PIAB Series

Vacuum Pads PIAB Series

  • Vacuum Pads CONVUM PIAB Series 

  • Specifications of Vacuum Pads: As in the following figure

  • Services: provide clients with various vacuum pad materials for use, such as projects like NBR, Silicone, VITON, FKM, conductive NBR, conductive silica gel, and anti-electrostatic ESD, to lift the rate of good products and improve the creases during the production etc. Welcome to contact us


model Photo Dimensions Remarks
AF1-15 AF1-15 AF1-15 F15
AF1-18 AF1-18 AF1-18 F18
AF1-20 AF1-20 AF1-20 F20
AF1-25 AF1-25 AF1-25 F25
AF1-26 AF1-26 AF1-26 F26
AF1-30 AF1-30 AF1-30 F30
AF1-33 AF1-33 AF1-33 F33
AF1-40 AF1-40 AF1-40 F40
AF1-50 AF1-50 AF1-50 F50
AU1-15 AU1-15 AU1-15 U15
AB2-05 AB2-05 AB2-05 B05
AB2-20 AB2-20 AB2-20 B20
AB2-40 AB2-40 AB2-40 B40
AB2-50 AB2-50 AB2-50 B-50