VACUUM PADS-Antistatic low impression
  • Vacuum pad sponge
  • Vacuum pad sponge
  • Vacuum pad sponge

Vacuum pad sponge

  • Vacuum pad sponge  : Applicable to bumpy surfaces

  • Specifications of Vacuum Pads: As in the following figure

  • Services: provide clients with various vacuum pad materials for use, such as projects like Silicone,EPDM, conductive NBR, and anti-electrostatic ESD, to lift the rate of good products and improve the creases during the production etc. Welcome to contact us


Vacuum Pads Model Photo Dimension Note
SA1-7/5 SA1-7/5 SA1-7/5  
CA1-08 CA1-08 CA1-08  
CA1-08D-口CA 海綿吸盤 CA1-08D-口CA 海綿吸盤 CA1-08D-口CA  
CA1-08-PL(Sponge + adhesive) CA1-08-PL CA1-08-PL  
CA1-08-PL-A5 CA1-08-PL-A5 CA1-08-PL-A5  
SA1-10 SA1-10 SA1-10  
SA1-11/7 SA1-11/7 SA1-11/7  
SA1-20 SA1-20 SA1-20  
SA1-20/5 SA1-20/5 SA1-20/5  
SA1-30 SA1-30 SA1-30  
S1-30B-口CA-10 S1-30B-口CA-10-A5 S1-30B-口CA-10  
S1-35 S1-35 S1-35  
SA1-35/5 SA1-35/5 SA1-35/5  
SA1-40 SA1-40 SA1-40  
S2-40SCA 海綿吸盤 S2-40SCA         海綿吸盤 S2-40SCA          
SA1-55/5 SA1-55/5 SA1-55/5  
CA1-130*315*H20 CA1-130*315*H20 CA1-130*315*H20  
CA1-130*300*H20 CA1-130*300*H20 CA1-130*300*H20  
CA1-118*198*20 CA1-118*198*20 CA1-118*198*20