VACUUM PADS-Antistatic low impression
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  • Three-layer (Multi-layer) vacuum pads
  • Three-layer (Multi-layer) vacuum pads
  • Three-layer (Multi-layer) vacuum pads
  • Three-layer (Multi-layer) vacuum pads

Three-layer (Multi-layer) vacuum pads

  • three-layer vacuum pad: three-layer (Multi-layer) vacuum pads
  • Specifications of Vacuum Pads: As in the following figure

  • Services: provide clients with various vacuum pad materials for use, such as projects like NBR, Silicone, VITON, FKM, conductive NBR, conductive silica gel, and anti-electrostatic ESD, to lift the rate of good products and improve the creases during the production etc. Welcome to contact us


Vacuum Pads Model photo Dimension Note
S3-04 VACUUM PADS S3-04 Vacuum Pads S3-04  
PC3-05 VACUUM PADS PCG-05 Vacuum Pads PCG-5 PCG-5
S3-06.5 Vacuum Pads S3-06.5 Vacuum Pads S3-06.5  
S3-07 真空吸盤S3-07 S3-07  

Vacuum Pads PCG-7

ZB3-09JR 真空吸盤ZP2-09J 真空吸盤ZP2-09J ZP2-09J
PC3-10 VACUUM PADS PCG-10 Vacuum Pads PCG-10 PCG-10
S3-10 Vacuum Pads S3-10 Vacuum Pads S3-10  
ZB3-10J ZB3-10J ZB2-B10J
VW5-10 真空吸盘VP10W   VP10W
ZB3-14JR 真空吸盤ZP2-14J 真空吸盤ZP2-14J ZP2-14J
S3-14 Vacuum Pads S3-14 Vacuum Pads S3-14  
PC3-15 Vacuum Pads PCG-15 Vacuum Pads PCG-15 PCG-15
S3-15 Vacuum Pads PCG-15 Vacuum Pads PCG-15  
S3-15A 真空吸盤S3-15A 真空吸盤S3-15A  
ZB3-15J ZB3-15J ZB3-15J ZB2-B15J
ZB3-16JR 真空吸盤ZP2-16J 真空吸盤ZP2-16J ZP2-16J
PC3-18 PC3-18 PC3-18 PCG-18
VW5-20 真空吸盘VP20W 真空吸盘VP20W VP20W
PC3-20 Vacuum Pads PCG-20 Vacuum Pads PCG-20 PCG-20
S3-20 真空吸盘S3-20 真空吸盘S3-20 PCG-20A
ZB4-25JR 真空吸盤ZP2-25J 真空吸盤ZP2-25J ZP2-B25J
S3-25 吸盤S3-25 吸盤S3-25  
S3-25B 吸盤S3-25B 吸盤S3-25B  
S4-26 Vacuum Pads S4-26 Vacuum Pads S4-26  
PC3-30 Vacuum Pads PCG-30 Vacuum Pads PCG-30 PCG-30
ZB4-30JR 真空吸盤ZP2-30J 真空吸盤ZP2-30J ZP2-B30J
ZB5-15ZJ ZP2-B15ZJ ZP2-B15ZJ ZP2-B15ZJ
ZB5-20ZJ ZP2-B20ZJ ZP2-B20ZJ ZP2-B20ZJ
ZB5-30ZJ ZP2-B30ZJ ZP2-B30ZJ ZP2-B30ZJ
ZB5-40ZJ ZP2-40ZJ ZP2-40ZJ ZP2-40ZJ


S5-40 S5-40  
ZB5-46ZJ ZP2-46ZJ ZP2-46ZJ ZP2-46ZJ
PC3-40 Vacuum Pads PCG-40 Vacuum Pads PCG-40 PCG-40
S3-50 Vacuum Pads S3-50 Vacuum Pads S3-50  
PC3-60 Vacuum Pads PCG-60 Vacuum Pads PCG-60 PCG-60
S3-90 真空吸盤S3-90-B12 真空吸盤S3-90-B12  
S3-90 Vacuum Pads S3-90-B12 Vacuum Pads S3-90-B12  
PC3-90 PC3-90 PC3-90 PCG-90