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Material Polytetrafluoroethene(PTFE) Perfluoro alkyl (PFA)
Merit 260 continuous operating temperature / Max. operating temperature: 290 ~300 / Lowest friction coefficient / Satisfactory wearing resistance / Excellent chemical stability. 260 continuous operating temperature / Stronger steel tenacity / Especially suitable for anti-sticking properties and chemical resistance under 
Application Medical appliance Sealing Component Packing Bearing Valve and pump related parts operated under a corrosive environment. Pump Valve Bushing  Sealing Component Corrosion-resistant Equipment Cable Insulation Layer Wear reducing/friction resistant Parts.
Tensile Strength 28Mpa 25Mpa
Elongation Rate 400% 300%
Tensile Coefficient 640Mpa 2001Mpa
Impact Strength 187Mpa OB
Bending Strength 6Mpa 8Mpa
Bending Coefficient 497Mpa 587Mpa
Compressive Strength  7Mpa  
Friction Coefficient 0.1 0.21
Heat Deformation  (0.45Mpa) 140℃ 75℃
Heat Deformation(1.8Mpa) 55℃ 90℃
Short-term Max. Operating Temperature 316℃ 288℃
Continuous Operating Temperature 260℃/-240℃ 260℃
Heat Transfer Rate 0.25W/Mk 0.19W/Mk
Linear Expansion Coefficient 11.7 15.3
Fire Retardant Test V0 V0
Volumetric Resistance >10E18 >10E18
Surface Resistance >10E18 >10E17
Dielectric Insulation Strength 11.81KV/mm 20KV/mm
Density 2.15 2.15
Water Absorption Rate 0.01% 0.03%


Product Name Fluoro Ethylene Propylene (FEP) Rulon-LR / Heavy-duty PTFE Polymer
Merit 200 continuous operating temperature / Superior anti-sticking properties / Excellent Chemical Stability. Higher evaluation for its features in 260 continuous operating temperature / Higher Friction Resistance / Lower friction coefficient / Satisfactory Electrical Performance/ Chemical Resistance.
Application Sleeve、Flange、Thrust Bearing Sealing Component、Metering Component、Wire Insulation Layer
Tensile Strength 23Mpa 14Mpa
Elongation Rate 325% 175%
Tensile Coefficient 380Mpa  
Impact Strength OB 320Mpa
Bending Strength    
Bending Coefficient 587Mpa  
Compressive Strength 14Mpa  
Friction Coefficient 0.2 0.2
Heat Deformation(0.45Mpa) 74℃  
Heat Deformation形(1.8Mpa) 54℃  
Short-term Max. Operating Temperature 232℃  
Continuous Operating Temperature 204℃ 260℃/-240℃
Heat Transfer Rate 0.2W/Mk 0.33W/Mk
Linear Expansion Coefficient 14.22 9.18
Fire Retardant Test V0  
Volumetric Resistance >10E18 10E15
Surface Resistance >10E16 2*10E13
Dielectric Insulation Strength 53.15KV/mm 17.72KV/mm
Density 2.15 2.22
Water Absorption Rate <0.01% 0%


Product Name Ethylene and tetrafluoroethene Polymer (ETFE)
Merit 150 continuous operating temperature / Toughest Fluorine Polymer / Excellent Chemical Resistance.
Application Pump Valve Bushing Chemical Resistant Parts Chemical Solvent Bottle
Tensile Strength 43Mpa
 Elongation Rate 225%
Tensile Coefficient  
Impact Strength OB
Bending Strength 32Mpa
Bending Coefficient 1001Mpa
Compressive Strength  17Mpa
Friction Coefficient 0.23
Heat Deformation(0.45Mpa) 81℃
Heat Deformation(1.8Mpa) 51℃
Short-term Max. Operating Temperature 199℃
Continuous Operating Temperature 155℃
Heat Transfer Rate 0.24W/Mk
Linear Expansion Coefficient 12.96
Fire Retardant Test V0
Volumetric Resistance >10E17
Surface Resistance >10E15
Dielectric Insulation Strength 78.94KV/mm
Density 1.74
Water Absorption Rate <0.03%