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Engineering Plastics (PEEK)


Polyether-imide (PEI) Poly-ethersulfone (PES)
Higher mechanical strength and is fire retardant. Superior electrical characteristics. Excellent chemical agent resistance. Satisfactory working characteristics. Weather resistant. Stabilized dimensions. Fire-retardant. Better chemical resistance.
Automobile protection cover, electrical parts, heat-exchanging parts, all kinds of fuses, connectors, flexible conduits, seat trays, safety belt buckles, engine-related parts, medical instruments and PCBs. Electrical/Electronic:Potential Meter, IC socket, medical care.Food:X-ray, dental.Automobile:Bearing protection ring
105Mpa 88Mpa
60% 75%
2967Mpa 2657Mpa
53Mpa 90Mpa
152Mpa 135Mpa
3312Mpa 2898Mpa
151Mpa 100Mpa
3312Mpa 1732Mpa
210℃ 214℃
200℃ 204℃
170℃ 180℃
0.12W/mK 0.16W/mK
5.58 5.6
V0 V0
10E17 10E16
27.95KV/mm 14.96KV/mm
1.27 1.37
0.25% 0.70%


Polyimide (PI)  Poly Benz Imidazol (PBI)
Superior endurance against heat, wearing, cracking and radioactive rays.  It still maintains excellent mechanical strength and creeping-resistant hardness when operating continuously at 310°C and presents a very low expansion coefficient when operating under temperature below 250°C. Further, it also presents excellent friction resistance, lower flammability, superior insulation and higher radiation resistance. 
Multi-layer base board, flexible base board, engine insulation wire. Copier machine split-claw, heat-disconnecting gear, missile radar antenna hood, heating roller bearing. Shaft jacket, push pin, shaft seal, valve seat.
86Mpa 138Mpa
7.50% 3%
43Mpa 27Mpa
100Mpa 221Mpa
3105Mpa 6555Mpa
133Mpa 345Mpa
2415Mpa 6210Mpa
0.29 0.24
360℃ 427℃
482℃ 500℃
316℃ 316℃
0.35W/mK 0.4W/mK
5.4 2.34
V0 V0
10E15~10E16 >10E13
22.05KV/mm 21.65KV/mm
1.43 1.3
0.23% 0.40%