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Spring Seal

Spring Seal


Spring Seal 

Spring Seal By incorporating composite sealing material with the U-ring, V-ring or O-ring or high-performance rubber, the Spring Seal can demonstrate different levels of sealing force for adapting to the intended application. Based on the AS 568A standard, it can be fabricated into an O-ring groove (e.g. radial shaft seal, piston sealing, axial surface sealing, etc.) for use as a static or dynamic (either reciprocal or rotary motion) sealing material.


  1. Overcome the minor offsetting of the metal contacting face.
  2. Durable for high-temperature and corrosive environment.
  3. Lower friction coefficient of the sealing lip to avoid the influence of insufficient lubrication when starting.
  4. Stabilized contacting pressure during the sealing process.
  5. Higher pressure resistance.
  6. Allowable for bigger radial run-out and groove dimension error.

Main Applications

Listed below are typical application examples:

 1、Material loading/unloading arm sealing.

 2、Paint-spray valve sealing.

 3、Vacuum Pump sealing.

 4、Food industry sealing.

 5、Automobile, aerospace industrial sealing.

 6、Metering equipment sealing.

 7、Other pressure vessel sealing. 


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