Vacuum Pad、O ring、Oil Seal、Fiber Diaphragm、Packing、Sealing Component、Sealing Component、Development of rubber product for relevant waterproofing and dust-resistant applications news
  • Sponge Vacuum pad

    Sponge Vacuum pad

    The S Vacuum pad has a sponge like pad that can compensate for uneven surfaces that can cause vacuum leaks.
  • Anti-Static Vacuum Pad

    Anti-Static Vacuum Pad

    To satisfy market demand for photoelectric components, the「Anti-Static Vacuum Pads」are now developed by the professional production team of QUAN XU YU CO., LTD.
  • Manufacture of Oval-shape Vacuum Pad

    Manufacture of Oval-shape Vacuum Pad

    Our R&D Team is highly regarded by the market, attributing to their dedication in developing various types of vacuum pads.To meet the market need, the「Oval-shape Vacuum Pad」has been developed and launched.
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