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  • Cloth diaphragm 036*1.9H-口-A3

Cloth diaphragm 036*1.9H-口-A3

1. The pneumatic diaphragm pump depends on the effective working diameter of the rubber cloth diaphragm and its stroke length. 2. Energy-saving, low-noise, high-speed exhaust working with cloth-clamped diaphragms can achieve 97% work efficiency. 3. The dry-type vacuum pump adopts the oil-free cloth-filled diaphragm design, which reduces the trouble and pollution of waste oil, and can provide a very clean working environment.

Quanxueyu manufactures high-performance cloth-jacketed diaphragms. The cloth-jacketed diaphragms we produce can be customized in various sizes. NBR, SILICONE, CR, VITON, and PTFE materials are available. Please call 02-7729 4111


Diaphragm structure: highly elastic rubber and high-strength industrial woven fabrics are tightly combined

Size: outer diameter 36mm thickness 5.6mm

Photo Dimensions
膜片 036-1.9H 夾布膜片 036*1.9H-口-A3